Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why I Wear The Shirt

I wear my F*@k Cancer shirt because that's exactly how I feel about it. My best friend's sister gave it to me as a gift, as well as to my best friend, Andy. Usually I would have a problem wearing a shirt with that kind of 'vulgarity' on it around different people I respected in my life, but I don't. These people don't seem to mind one bit either. I am 19 and am currently in my 26th month of fighting a tumor called a Synovial Sarcoma that metastasized to my lungs and other parts of my body. The past year imparticularly has been extremely rough and the doctor's have told me that there is basically nothing else medically they can do to improve my situation except to keep me comfortable until my time comes. This is why I wear the shirt, to bring smiles to other people's faces and to show how i truly feel about this terrible disease. I hope yall continue to fight hard and bring joy to other people with your shirts and possibly other merchandise that may come out in the future. Stay Strong!

- Paul

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