Thursday, May 3, 2007

My first post

My husband and I started Cancer Free Tees ( as a way to honor my mother and her triumph over colon cancer. It was just a simple idea that we felt would let us be able to give something back and help find better treatment and ultimately a cure for cancer - all types of cancer.

In the 18 months since our start, it seems that cancer has become a regular part of our life. Maybe it's age, maybe it's awareness, maybe it's people being more open about cancer, but we are certainly affected
more by cancer now than 18 months ago.

My father-in-law just finished his treatment for non-hodgkin's lymphoma. A friend is currently under-going treatment for breast cancer. Another friend is being treated for hodgkin's lymphoma. And yet another friend is in the maintenance stage for his non-hodgkin's lymphoma.

With cancer impacting so many people's lives, we have started this blog to highlight the people who wear our F*@k Cancer shirts and their stories.

I wear the shirt to honor my mother and my father-in-law who have faced their respective cancers with a positive spirit and a ton of attitude.

I hope you visit our blog frequently to be inspired, so tell us why you wear the shirt.

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Melissa said...

Hello CancerFreeTees! Jeff & I love your shirts. With Jeff completing his 3rd round of chemo this week, it seems fitting to wear the shirt as much as possible! I wear the shirt because I think it is funny & adds humor to what some might see as a sad situation. I also wear it to start a conversation with others. My big mission right now is to encourage friends & relatives to be in charge of their health. Ask questions & if something seems off physically...go get it checked out! Jeff did & it saved his life! Love the blog, love the shirts! Melissa